Monday, September 10, 2007

TSC results and update Sept 8, 2007

The TSC has been completed once again this year and it was great.

I did a different take on this blog post and actually wrote it on Aug 15, 2007 and I have posted it exactly as I wrote it then. I did correct for the actual number by listing (actual #) after the ones that needed correction.

First an apology--since I wrote this ahead of time I only knew 4 people that were competing for sure--myself, Fawn and Aaron Friday and Brad Ellingson; so they are the only ones that appear below. This is NOT meant as any disrespect to all the others that competed, as EVERYONE did amazing and showed true heart and spirit by signing up and putting it out on the line. Mad props to all that made it. Many many TALK of competing and putting it out there, you all WALKED the WALKED and did it. Congrats!!!

Here are the actual results from all
Name / BW / DL / PU / SN

Women’s Open
Fawn Friday / 121.4 / 255 / 11 / 115
Jordan Hansen / 126.6 / 225 / 9 / 125
Arlene Kim / 120.6 / 235 / 9 / 28

Men's Open
Brad Nelson / 197.0 / 495 / 16 / 119
Laurion Burchall / 212.2 / 495 / 19 / 104
Mike Nelson / 203.4 / 400 / 7 / 108
Aaron Friday / 155.8 / 365 / 16 / 92
Brad Ellingson / 181.6 / 365 / 11 / 79
Nick Jasken / 180.4 / 290 / 11 / 86

Men's Masters
Bruce Wuollena / 166.8 / 335 / 9 / 70

So why the heck did I write the TSC before it even went down? Am I planning that far ahead on my blog posts to save time?

The reason is that you will achieve what you believe. "Argue for your limitations and they are yours" --?

This was covered in the Z Health I Phase and there are real studies to back it up. Look up information on "placebo effect" and "neural priming" If you are looking for a good book related to this topic, pick up "Blink" by Malcolm Gladwell--awesome book. I will have a whole blog post on this coming up in the next month or so. The public has cried for the foam roller one first and I can't let the fans get unruly--ha.

TSC results and update Sept 8, 2007 (written on Aug 15, 2007)

The TSC went down recently here in MN and across the country. Good times were had by all as we invaded Kinetic Edge own and ran by Brad "No Relation" Nelson. Excellent facility and check out his KB class if you are in the MN area Click here for info

PRs were falling like leaves from a dead tree!

Fist event was the deadlift--my favorite!!

I am a huge, self confessed "Dead-Head" and LOVE the deadlift. There is just something so primitive and FUN to pull heavy weight off the floor from a dead stop.

I was super stoked since I nailed a long time goal of deadlifting 405 (actually I ended at 400 lbs and missed my 4th attempt at 405 after a couple minutes rest---4 plates just look so much cooler than 3) raw with no belt and went 3 for 3 at 365 (actual 370), 390 (5 lb PR) and 405 (20 lb PR--actual 400 for a 15 lb PR from June 5 of this year). The cool part is that with some Z Health work and the Bone Rhythm, it felt great too. Video below.

That puts me at 60 lbs (actual 55 lbs) over my first meet in Sept of 2006 and my first heavy pull of all last year was not until mid March that year; so I am excited for this upcoming year.

Fawn Friday rocked and pulled a huge PR of 255 lbs at a body weight of 120 lbs. Nice job!
Her husband Aaron also pulled very close to a PR at 365 lbs. Whooo ha.
My good buddy Brad Ellingson pulled 2 X BW for a 360 lb (actual 365 lbs) pull! Nice!!!

All were pulling using some Z Health and the bone rhythm method too; so that rocks! Nice work put in by all.

Next up was the pullups
I stunk up the place with 5 pull ups (actual was 7), but after my DL PR I was so stoked I did not care much to be honest. Maybe next year I will actually train for the pull up portion--what a novel idea!

Aaron did great with 8 (actual was 16, boy was I off), Fawn rocked the house with 12 (actual was 11) (holy pull ups batman) and Brad did well with 7 (actual 11 nice work buddy).

Now it was time for the dreaded 5 min snatch test
Grab your puke buckets everyone and be prepared to duck some spray

More PRs were failing like drunk sorority chicks leaving an open bar.

Aaron did awesome at 101 (actual 92) snatches, Fawn rocked yet again with 110 (actual 115) (16 kg), Brad clocked in at 89 (actual 79) and I ended up at 101 (108 actual), tied with Aaron that bastard (did tie with him overall for third)

I was happy that I made my goal of 100 (actual 108), so I was stoked with that as I did only 72 last year and thought I was going to die. I still thought I was going to die this year, but made my number.

Overall it was a killer event and good times were had by all. Huge thanks again to Brad for all the work and hosting.

Here is a video of Brad doing some KB Snatch "Long Spine" style. He went on to crank out 119 in 5 minutes--nice work!!

So, the gauntlet is down and the TSC will be back in March so what are you waiting for? Seriously, get a goal, buy the stamp let go of the rock and sign up. This will drive you farther than anything else. Plus it is tons of "fun"

Here are some other reports from the TSC
Fawn Friday's experience
Fawn's TSC overview
Aaron Friday's experience
Brad "N0 Relation" Nelson's blog on it

So, the gauntlet is down and the TSC will be back in March so what are you waiting for? Seriously, get a goal, buy the stamp let go of the rock and sign up. This will drive you farther than anything else. Plus it is tons of "fun"

Wanted to send a nice congrats to Matt, a current client, for his big PR on the trap bar at hitting 315 lbs. Nice job!

Rock on
Mike N