Monday, May 18, 2009

Tips for KB Pressing Power: New Article at Dragon Door

Greetings everyone!

I apologize for the delays here as Jodie and I were at a marketing conference this past weekend in CT. It was crazy as we did not get much sleep, but learned a ton! We also got to meet TONS of great people and connect with old friends too. I hope to have an update soon, but our flight was delayed last night so I got a whole 5 hours of sleep and 6 the night before and 7 the night before---blah blah blah.

Changes Coming
Tons of changing coming as I am working on a new website, blog, and lots of really cool stuff--all to better serve you and keep providing killer information. Keep that dial (er, mouse?) here for all the latest and greatest.

Tips for KB Pressing Power

Just wanted to let everyone know I have a new article up at Dragon Door entitled "Tips for Kettlebell Pressing Power" so click on the link above to read it. Feel free to leave comments here and I will answer them as soon as I can.

Off to finish some last minute research for a nutrition teleseminar I am doing tonight.

Rock on!
Mike T Nelson