Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kettleworx As Seen on KARE 11 TV Can Kiss My....

Ok, I am pissed. I was actually just seen screaming at my computer and pulling my hair out; so strap in and prepare for a tyrant. If you don't like tyrants, feel free to skip this post and we will be back to our regular program very soon I promise.

As most readers know I am a big fan of Kettlebells (KBs) and have completed the RKC (Russian Kettlebell Certification) as a level 1 instructor. While there are not any systems I agree with 100%, (who does?) I found the training to be great and well worth my time. Not only do you have to pass a physical test when you show up (for me it was 74 snatches with the 55 lb KB with only ONE hand switch, only pause has to be at lockout above your head); you have to survive the entire 3 day course including the grad workout and be able to TEACH someone how to SAFELY use Kettlebells. The instructors were top notch and everyone there took it serious. For a full review, see my old posts below.

RKC Wrap Up

Where to Get Kettlebells and Instruction?

Testimonial from Rick Olson, RKC

So, I am going to be biased towards this approach. This AM, Ryan Shananaha (or something like that) and his Kettleworx appeared on the Kare 11 news showing off his new KB program. Now I did not personally see it, but I did some searching on the web and found this clip from his appearance on another morning news show.

Now I don't know this guy, I've never met him and honestly I could not find much information on him other than the bio that he puts out himself. The fact that he calls himself a "Fitness Expert" give me severe nausea.

Ryan Shanahan BIO:

Ryan is the world's leading kettlebell trainer and foremost expert in kettlebell fitness. He is an internationally acclaimed trainer who regularly works with superstars and exclusive private clients, including the cast and crew of major feature films. For over ten years, Ryan has conducted private kettlebell training sessions working out of the Toronto Film Studio and now has now developed KettleWorx for the general public. Other facts about Ryan: Over the last 20 years, he's played professional hockey, represented Canada at the World Duathlon Championship, completed 22 triathlons and 2 marathons. After just 7 weeks of intense training he earned 2nd place at the Heavyweight Drug Free Bodybuilding Contest in 2007. In addition to movie stars and models, Ryan has often worked with athletic trainers, physiotherapists, physicians and other fitness and health care professionals.

The Video Analysis Is In
From the video above, according to Ryan "You can do more things than you can with traditional Kettlebells"

What? It IS A FRIGGIN KETTLEBELL? I really don't understand this one at all. How can you do more with their KB and system? According to Ryan, with a TRADITIONAL KB you can only do a swing? What? While I do believe that a swing is the most basic KB exercise, there is a reason you need to start with the basics---they work great! Once you get that down, you can move on to other exercises like Turkish Get Ups (TGUs), cleans, presses,etc. The limits to KBs are only in your imagination. Come see me if you need a new version. Here is Steve Cotter doing some more advanced exercises

More Crap
Ryan continues "this one takes care of the trouble spots on the side. I call it a side disco bend"

What? Uh, earth to Ryan, this is commonly known a windmill.

Ryan keeps going "so as you stretch it leans out the muscle and as you come up it firms up the muscle"

Ok, this one had me pulling my hair out. As far as I have EVER seen, there is ZERO data to support the notion that stretching will "lean out a muscle" NOTHING! Heck, I don't even like static stretching, but I will not go there today.

While we are marching down the road of no data fresh from "The journal of results that I pulled out of my butt" here is a big one "as you come up it firms up the muscle" Um, yes, that is commonly known in the literature as a MUSCLE CONTRACTION! It is insulting to people to assume they don't know that.

Spot Reduction Is a Joke
While everyone would like to believe that the spot reduction myth is true, it is NOT. THERE ARE BASICALLY NO DATA TO SUPPORT THE SPOT REDUCTION MYTH. Doing all the crunches in the world will do bubkiss to deflate that spare tire. Before the pubmed ninja go all crazy on me, there are a handful of newer studies showing that localized fat loss is possible, but the amount loss is basically nothing so don't get your undies in a bunch.

So what do I do now? Hang on sparky and we will get to that, but there is even more! I know, I can't believe it either.

Look Mom, Horrible KB Swings!

Watch CBS Videos Online

In a real swing, you don't use your arms that much to "hoist" the KB up. Now, I don't fault the hosts of the Early Show since this is the first time they have ever done this exercise! I do fault the instructor though.

Now just because you are on TV, that doesn't give you an excuse for piss poor information either, so let's can that excuse. Check out my buddy Brad "No Relation" Nelson from Kinetic Edge Performance teaching swings correctly on TV. Brad is also an RKC and Z Health guy too.

Get Some Real Balls

The weights used for most of their training is too light. Yes women, for maximal results you will have to lift something heavy at least part of the time and no you will not get too huge. Most women I've trained can use a 26 or 35 lb KB in their first session doing swings. If they can't most are up to that size in 4-8 weeks. With the Kettleworx system, the heaviest KB they make is 20 lbs.

Here is Fawn Friday doing snatches for reps with the 24 kg (about 55 lb) KB. Yeah, women are going to get too big. Pleeeeezzzzzzzzzzzeeeeeeeeee

From the Kettleworx FAQ

We recommend that anyone not currently active in a physical fitness program begin with a 5-pound kettlebell, with most women later advancing to a 10-pound kettlebell and most men later advancing to a 10 and then a 20-pound kettlebell. Those who are currently active and physically fit may elect to begin with a 10 or 20 pound kettlebell. It is important to note that the KettleWorx program is specifically designed to produce the best results when using kettlebells of the above recommended weights

Argh!!!! Please, your top weight EVER is only 20 lbs? This is in my opinion is degrading to assume that humans can't ever lift more.

But I just want to look better!
Cool, no problem with that at all and I commend you on your goal, but by artificially putting limits on your performance you will never get the body you want.

"Whatever you believe is what you achieve" --??

Why I Am So Pissed
I have nothing personal against this guy. I have never met him and this is America and everyone is entitled to sell whatever they want and make a living. I have no problem with that.

I have a HUGE problem with people self proclaiming themselves as a "Fitness Expert" gag gag, and then proceeding to spew crap information! That pisses me off to no end. People who work hard for their money deserve something better.

What Do I Do Now?
1) Focus on the basics

While it may not be sexy and trendy, focus on the basics. Learn them first before you move on.

2) Fix your nutrition

Training and nutrition are like 2 wheels on a bike, you can work really really hard a pedaling but if you have a square tire; all that work is not getting your large butt down the street. Fix the wheel first, THEN pedal hard.

3) Seek Expert Advise.

I can't speak for anyone other than myself, but I am so confident that what I do is WAY better than Kettleworx that I will make you this gaurantee--Anyone who does 1 KB session with me is not completely happy with it, I will refund ALL their money no questions asked. I've spent the last 15+ years learning about physiology and neurology in order to help YOU achieve YOUR goals in a safe and effective manner. I don't have all the answers, but I am working on it (and will be working on that for the rest of my life).

4) Movement Quality
If both tires of your car point at each other cuz your alignment sucks, your car's performance will suck too. Get the alignment fixed! I personally find Z Health to be amazing for this aspect.

Ok, I feel better now and I am stepping off my soapbox. The moral of the story is be careful who you trust your body to. I personally would not trust it to just any joker. You only get one body, so do your homework first hand.

Any comments, let me know and post away in the comments.