Saturday, November 3, 2007

Z Health Level 4 Update

Greetings from sunny AZ! I am here doing the Z Health Level 4 Cert.

This cert is a little different as it is more therapy based (T Phase). Again, like all Z Health work it is based on ACTIVE mobility work, so it is in essences guided exercise.

Rapid fire, here a just a few things that were covered in the past 2 days. And there are still 2 more days to go!

ALL DETAILS MATTER--this is one thing that I love about Z as it respects how complicated each individual really is. This does not mean that the exercises to fix something are complicated however---big difference.

Your state of inflammation determines the "gain level" your body is set at in response to a stimulus.

"All the body all the time"-Dr. Cobb. This is so true!

It is not just simply joint mobility. When you work on the joints you are affecting things on multiple layers--joint space, blood supply, lymph supply, nerve tension, etc

Z Health is about creating SUPERIOR athletes. If you want average, go somewhere else

The 9S model for an athlete--Speed, Strength, Skill, Sustenance, Suppleness, Stamina, Structure, Spirit, Style and Sprint. This is the basis for Z Health S Phase. The point is that most people only work with athletes in 2-3 areas and you need all 9.

Pain lives in the brain. Pain is a perception of an event

Adrenal fatigue can affect the skin appearance


There are basically 3 layers to work in 1) skin 2) superficial 3) deep ---NONE of these require pressure that is remotely painful. Remember that pain has all sorts of bad effects on the nervous system.

Soft tissue work is an ASSESSMENT with the end goal being an increase in function--so you may need soft tissue work, you may need mobility work,etc---end goal is the same

Pain and poor performance are the same thing.

How you breath is of huge importance for shoulder health, body mechanics, on down the line

Endurance athletes are pain management specialists.

Future of pain relief is inflammation and mind/body connection (pain neuro matrix)


ANY THREAT can be interpreted as pain--from stepping on a nail to your boss, your job etc

Pain does NOT equal injury all the time

Fascia is not that complicated--get over it. It never moves unless other things move. Yes, fascia is EVERYWHERE in the body and very complex, but on a practical level it is still connected to the nervous system

I always wondered why I never saw a trigger point on a cadaver--nervous system is dead.

You have 3L of lymph in your body--this may be important!

Where athletes have swelling can tell you a lot of information

Know your anatomy and main nerves to muscles and how to fix it.

My ride is on the way, so gotta run. Any questions, please post them in the comments.

Rock on
Mike N