Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas and Z Health Story

Merry Christmas (Happy Holidays to those that celebrate something else other than Christmas) to everyone! Thanks again for the precious time that you take to read my ramblings, as it is much appreciated. I feel so privileged to be doing something that I truly love and anything that I can do to help provide some good info in the process is great.

I look forward to even more excellent interactions coming up in 2008! Tons of great stuff coming up.

Z Health Story
The athlete that I have been working with for the past year about 2-3 times a week showed up last week with major "upset stomach" and progressively got worse on all movements. His stomach was quite bloated and hurt with mild pressure. We did the Z Health Neuro Warm up 1 and it did not help. I tried some hands on work around the abdominal area in different directions, pressure, etc with no luck. I did a visual test (PREP) and he tested positive with eyes down and closed (lately he has been testing clear), so I had him do an Egyptian (Z Health drill where you move your head side to side like in that old 80s horrible video from a certain nameless band, hehehe) with his eyes closed and down.

After walking around for a bit he started to feel better and about 10 minutes later we were able to do some push ups and lighter body weight movements and his movement dramatically improved from earlier in the session.

The amazing part was that by the time he left he felt relatively good (not great) and the distention in his abdominal area had reduced quite a bit. Pretty amazing and behold the power of the nervous system!

I honestly am not entirely sure of the reason for the result. Maybe it was related to some cranial tension, particular eye movement, perhaps just more neuro input, or opposite joints between the neck and pelvis; but it worked and he left better than when he came in---so I met my goal.

Rock on!
Mike N