Wednesday, January 9, 2008

2008 Excuses

2008 is here and the gyms are filling up fast for the New Year's Resolution Lifters. If you are one of them, congrats on getting there and putting in the time and effort! Kudos to you!

If not or you just need a little motivation, here are some great clips for you.

Make it a great year!

Thanks to AJ Roberts for sending me this one

I never get tired of watching Bolton pull 1,003 pounds!

Seminar was a success
Thanks to all whole attended the Z Health and KB session that Fawn Friday and I did this past Saturday at the Press Gym here in MN! We had a great group of people and it was tons of fun!

Rippetoe speaks
Texas BBQ part 2
By Craig Rasmussen, CSCS from

Excellent article and very practical advice from Mark Rippetoe. If you have questions on your squat or deadlift when learning, this is a must read. I can't recomend the books "Starting Strength" and "Practical Programming" enough.