Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Be smart, exercise your heart: exercise effects on brain and cognition

Here is some great info about exercise and the effects on the brain and cognition. More evidence that exercise is good for your ENTIRE body! There is a growing body (pun intended) of evidence that exercise can increase neurogenesis (aka more new cells in the brain!) Here is just one study.

Unfortunately the link below will not get you to the whole article, but if you are a student you can gain access through your library and it will be worth your time.


Mike N

Science and societyBe smart, exercise your heart: exercise effects on brain and cognition

Charles H. Hillman1, Kirk I. Erickson2 & Arthur F. Kramer2 About the authors


An emerging body of multidisciplinary literature has documented the beneficial influence of physical activity engendered through aerobic exercise on selective aspects of brain function. Human and non-human animal studies have shown that aerobic exercise can improve a number of aspects of cognition and performance. Lack of physical activity, particularly among children in the developed world, is one of the major causes of obesity. Exercise might not only help to improve their physical health, but might also improve their academic performance. This article examines the positive effects of aerobic physical activity on cognition and brain function, at the molecular, cellular, systems and behavioural levels. A growing number of studies support the idea that physical exercise is a lifestyle factor that might lead to increased physical and mental health throughout life.