Friday, April 25, 2008

Quick Tip To Fix Your Body and Model Integrity Event

Greetings! Posting has been a little more sparse lately since I have tons of stuff I need to finish up between now and mid June--forms to get my research going, a final in Biostatics, ACSM presentation/hanging out at the end of May, super secret project, etc. Below is a simple and easy to use tip and info for those in MN.

Tip of the Week

Basics exercises are great, but most people are not symmetric and adding only a symmetric load will not "even them out" (eg. fix an asymmetry they have)

Here is a good way to tell---if you do a symmetric exercise (squat, bench, deadlift, etc) and you are ONLY sore on ONE side, you probably have some compensations that need to be checked out very soon. Not only are you at a higher risk for injury, your performance is also suffering. I will save you a whole discussion about fascial loading/winding for another day (sigh of relief). I of course would recommend a Z Health appointment to get it checked out. Click here for info if you are in the Minnesota area HERE

Model Integrity Event this Sunday!

Below is a note from my friend Shannon at Model Integrity about their upcoming event. Mike T Nelson Fitness Consulting is a proud sponsor of Model Integrity so check it out.

Many of you probably know that for the past few months I've been working quite busily on creating a brand new event. This event, designed to give people HONEST information on pursuing the local modeling industry, is coming up next weekend, Sunday April 27th, 2008!

In addition to a FREE session on understanding the local talent market and avoiding industry scams, our Model Integrity event features a local model search (no experience necessary) for ALL AGES. We will be awarding opportunites, such as a kids COVER SHOOT for the Twin Cities
kids Directory and a teen/adult Beauty Shoot for Fresh Focus Skincare, amongst others. All of the prizes and details (location, times, frequently asked questions) can be found online at our website:

If you know someone who may be interested, please kindly pass this info on. :) Thanks all!