Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Z-Health Question--R Phase and Beyond!

I got a cool email the other and just had to share it. Good question about I Phase too

Yesterday's deadlifts were a blast! Thanks for your advice. My forms was a heck a lot better, and my max effort attempt felt smooth!

Just wanted to ask, when would you suggest someone progress from R-phase to I-phase?

Once you can do ALL the drills on R Phase at the 4 different speeds (see the manual for details, but most people only work in one speed!) with extreme PRECISION, you can move on to I Phase. In most cases require at least a few sessions with a local Z trainer since it is very hard to grasp the amount of precision you need to do the drills from just a manual or DVD (they make great references and reminders though!)

Think of R Phase as the alphabet and if you are missing letters, trying to make words (I Phase) is going to be very hard and not productive either!

In my experience, even with good hands on coaching, most will work on R Phase alone for 6 months to 1-1.5 YEARS. Seems hard to believe I know and I thought that was insane when I started too. I still do R Phase drills and there are few I am still working to "master".

And yes, so far everyone I have seen needs to start at R Phase! Learn the basics first and then move on.

Hope that helps!

Note to upcoming RKC people

It is that time again when many will be coming to
Minnesota for the RKC, which is awesome! I will try to order up some good weather for you! Just wanted to tell you that I have some time slots open for Z Health sessions if anyone is interested.

Drop me an email and we will set it up, first come first serve. For more info check out the link

Rock on!