Saturday, May 31, 2008

ACSM Random Updates

Greetings from ACSM! Just waiting to fly back home soon and wanted to drop some random notes. I will have more updates coming in the next few weeks as I get threw over 40 pages of notes. Excellent information presented!

Here they are random, rapid fire style. More details soon
Inspiration Muscle Training
  • May work really really well. Poster from highly competitive cross country runners showed a shaving of 40 seconds off 5km times!! That is insane!
Central Pattern Generation
  • May be located in the spinal cord! The basic program for gait appears to be there too. Huge implications for spinal cord injury patients.
  • Gait has a normal variability to it on each step, we need to replicate this to obtain a normal gait again in rehab areas
  • Injuries will alter your gait (I see that all the time)
  • Interlimb coordination more important than INTRAlimb coordination
  • Rats with full spinal cord cut at around the top of the lumbar area can walk sideways and backwards on a treadmill on 2 legs with body weight support. No input from the brain--must be a FEED FORWARD mechanism on some level
Central vs Peripheral Fatigue
  • Studies, posters point to some of each
  • BCAAs don't seems to decrease central fatigue (although tyrosine seems to work)
Brain and Cognition and Exercise
  • Brain will adapt by increasing neurons
  • Brain actually increases in size and weight!! (Up to a limit)
  • Enriched environment is important, not just exercise---new movements, use of visual system
  • Exercise has an anti-depressant activity
  • New mechanisms--potential cognition and ergogenic benefits
  • Full details soon
Random Tidbits
  • Vit D RDA most likely to increase dramatically soon
  • Women athletes should probably have ferritin iron test and Vit D test done
  • Talk by top protein researchers on protein and exercise--more info soon
  • Beta Alanine seems to work great in elite wrestlers (source--conversation on unpublished work)
  • NSAIDS and training may NOT interfere with each other

More soon!
Any questions in the meantime, post them here