Sunday, May 10, 2009

Z Health/ Mike T Nelson Testmionial

Testimonial Time!
Outstanding! Professional! Amiable! Thoughtful! Intelligent! Those are just a few words to describe my experience with Mike T. Nelson.

I arrived at Mike’s place hoping to be educated and find relief from some nagging injuries and poor movement habits to include a tight lower back, lack of movement in the hips and plantar fasciitis in my both my feet. My right foot being much worse than my left.

I left Mike’s place using hip muscles that I have not effectively used in, well maybe forever.

Within 2 weeks of performing the drills Mike provided for me my back pain disappeared and within 4 weeks the pain in my feet subsided dramatically. Only 5 days after working with Mike I did a marathon. I marched 17 miles and ran 9 miles with hiking boots and a backpack. Without Mike’s help I would not have been able to walk across the finish line, it would have been a crawl. A few times during the race the pain in my hips, due to poor movement, became very intense. When this happened I would stop marching/running and perform the Z-drills. This provided for instant relief and more efficient, fluent movement!

It’s been 5 weeks since my experience with Mike and I can play 2 hours of basketball with minimal pain in my feet! This was not possible pre Mike. Along with the Z-Health drills Mike provided for me he also gave me advice on footwear and he gave me a book on weight training. I left Mike’s place an improved man.

Thank you Mike for your first class service and I’ll be seeing you again.

Lucas Guili, Michigan
B.S. in Health/Fitness Management, Veteran of U.S.A.F.

Thanks again to Lucas for making the long drive and doing his exercises! Excellent work!
It is not always this easy, but about 70% of the time it is!
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Rock on
Mike T Nelson
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