Saturday, July 28, 2007

Z Health Level II Update from AZ

Greetings from sunny AZ and Z Health I Phase (level 2) training. Just some quick rapid fire items I learned yesterday (ok, stuff I am still trying to wrap my head around).

Watch elite athletes if you want to get better! In Italy a few years back they discovered mirror neurons in the brain that will become active by just WATCHING someone perform. Part of your brain is processing their movements in the area of the brain associated with actual movement, even though you are NOT moving. It appears to be true, you can get better by just watching!

Related to the above note, your body must also have the "neurologic program" to execute the moves. By doing Z Health in a more integrated fashion (hence the title I Phase); you will know be better at the smaller movement pieces. Larger movements are made from smaller movement pieces (neural chunking). When you "add up" the smaller pieces, you can execution more complex movements with more precision.

You need to clear your body of any compensation. Think of it as "debugging" your body. Less bugs=greater performance. Look at the picture of Michael Jordan. AMAZING movement. I don't think he has many compensation. Note how relax he is also.

The Z Health system serves to join application AND theory.

Z will help you hit the "sweet spot" more often. The "sweet spot" is that slice in time when doing a sport/movement where everything seems to line up perfectly and it feel effortless. For myself, that would be hitting a perfect heavy deadlift, planning out on a windsurfer with both feet in the straps leaning back, kiteboarding across the water extended all the way out so my butt is almost touching the water, clearing "wake to wake" on my wakeboard, etc. I call these "whoooo ha" movements. My main goal in life is to accumulate as many "whooo ha" moments as I can.

Parts of your nervous system are hardwired as your body only cares about survival. Your body does not give a hairy rat's ass about performance.

Gotta run, but food for thought!
Rock on