Saturday, July 28, 2007

Z Health Level II Update #2 from Sunny AZ

Just a quick update from AZ on Z Health Level II training on day 3.

Wow, this information is just insane. I highly recommend the Z Health system to anyone. I would trade in my CSCS info for just the R Phase (Level I) cert alone. This is not meant as any disrespect to the NSCA CSCS cert, but the information in the Z Health system blows the doors off of it.

"Argue for your limitations and they are yours"--?

Not sure who said it, but it is amazingly true. All those old sayings "you are what you eat", etc do have a very large true component. Don’t' buy it? Try this
Do a simple range of motion with your shoulder out to the front, side and neck rotation. Now think of your favorite food. Imagine it, in all its glory, the scent, mouth feel, everything. Now check your range of motion (ROM). You should see some improvement. Now think of a horrible bill that is due, something that is looming out there coming towards you, a bad boss, evil client (or trainer--ha), etc. Imagine it in full detail. Now check your ROM. Normally it will be worse.

Need more? Everyone knows there is a placebo effect and there are many studies on it. That is why a randomized, placebo controlled study is so highly regarded. Bottom line--monitor your thoughts AND actions. Make sure they are what you truly want to hear and become.

The body is organized neurologically in the following priorities
1) Visual
2) Vestibular (inner ear function)
3) Proprioception

Therefore, for rapid change you must respect this hierarchy.

An example is myofascial winding. If your tissue is wound to the right, you see a standard massage therapist who does some myofascial work on you. You leave and feel better for awhile, but it never seems to get better long term. Why? You probably need to address the visual and vestibular systems!

In my personal case, my standard eye position was off to the left and my body compensated by winding my tissue the other way so that I could walk a straight line. Standard myofascial work would have not been effective since as soon as I was off the massage table and walking again, my vision was still off and my body would wind back again. Once I addressed the visual component with some Z Health I Phase drills, the results were amazing. I felt better, my movement was better and I added 20 lbs to my best deadlift even though the heaviest pull (deadlift) I did in training at that time was 140 lbs BELOW my PR (personal record). The point is that I was not training heavy, but by clearing the compensation my body did not have to fight against itself and could apply more force to the bar!

The I Phase training demonstrated tests for myofascial winding ,visual and vestibular. As far as I can find, NO ONE else is addressing these systems in the training (and most rehab) communities. Click here for more info.

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