Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Z Health and Bad Hamstrings

That's right, I am back. I had a great time kiteboarding in the Outer Banx for 4 days with my girlfriend. Special thanks to Jeff and Tina for letting us crash at their place.

I apologize for the long delay and not giving the blog some love, but I have tons of great stuff coming up!

Today's topic is Z Health, which you will see featured a lot here since it works! click here for more info

Here is just one of the many Z Health case studies. A buddy was complaining of some inner knee issues and his hamstring was feeling really bad the other day, but it was ok today. I asked him how it happened and he said "Oh, I was running after some kids and I just took off from a dead stop and did not stretch before hand." So now little bells are going off in my head as I don't believe you need to static stretch before doing most events (another blog topic on its own).

I only had a few minutes, so I watched him walk barefoot and I did a standing hamstring muscle test on him. The test is done by standing on one leg while you hold on to a support and then actively pull your heal to your butt using your hamstring as I apply manual pressure to it. So I had him stand up and told him to pull his heal to his butt. Nothing. I repeated it again and he said "I am trying to move it!" It was not moving at all! Needless to say it was weak--yikes!. I tested the other one which was weak also, but at least it moved!

So I did a Z lateral ankle tilt, had him walk a bit and retested the same side hamstring and it was pretty good., but I could still push it down. So I also had him do some Z top elbow circles and retested the hamstrings---both were excellent and I could barely push them down--nice!. Total time was 10 minutes!

So, when are you all going to the Z Health R Phase training or see a Z Health trainer? Seriously, this system is amazing. Could most trainers, PTs, etc have spotted a hamstring that weak by watching him move? Sure, you would see it a mile away. Could most fix it in a few minutes? I don't know, but I have yet to find anything else that works as fast as Z Health and elicits permanent change (after a few weeks). If you know you of anything, please let me know (I am serious on that).

The point of this is not "how cool am I crap" or to pump sunshine up my own butt. It is to show you the power of the nervous system and how Z Health can have you getting amazing results with your clients in minutes!

The premise is that jammed joints cause muscular weakness. At its simplest level, if I injury my elbow is my body going to really want to do a heavy bicep curl? No, it is going to shut down the muscles around the joint as a protective mechanism. The bad part is that this neurological "shut down" on some level can persist for a long time after an injury. By doing some Z Health joint mobility work (normally only a few reps), the joint mobility is improved and the "neurological brakes" can be removed. Sweet!

Any questions, let me know! If you are in MN area and want to set up an appointment, click here for more info

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Mike N