Wednesday, October 17, 2007

RKC in Minnesota coming right up!

This one will be super short this week since I am off to the RKC here in MN starting with the meet and greet Thurs night and then the pain starts Friday through Sunday. Unfortunately I got blasted with a horrible cold starting about a week ago so training as been not the best to say the least. Before that, my best in training for the 24kg snatch RKC style was 66 reps with one arm switch only. For the RKC I need 76 total reps with the 24kg with only one arm switch. I figure I should be able to add 10% with an all out performance when it counts, so I will be close. I did my last training session last night, so tonight will be some very light work (if at all), some Z Health and attempt to get some more sleep for a change. Extra sessions wil only hurt me at this point, so it is time to rest up and show up heathly and then anything is possible. My plan is to pass the snatch test on day 1 in the AM so I can concentrate on all the other tasks at hand without having to worry about it. Wish me luck!

I am super excited to meet everyone, so if you will be here in MN for the RKC please introduce yourself. I should be easy to find--look for the 6'3" blond guy!

I will have more updates after the RKC on the experience.

Blog updates will be shorter until after Z Health Level 4 in AZ in early Nov due to class, labs, possible abstract due to ACSM (if the results looks good), research funding proposal and pilot research study protocol all due before the Goblins come on Halloween. Tons of great stuff though!

Rock on
Mike N