Monday, November 10, 2008

Charles Staley Seminar: Dave Barr and Supplements

Alright! I am finally getting to type up some notes for all of you from Staley’s Seminar in AZ. I really appreciate your patience as I had some work on my study that I had to get done. The notes will be a bit cryptic so be sure to ask questions about anything.

Dave Barr
I got to crash in a room with Dave Barr while I was there (thanks again buddy!). I literally got off the super shuttle in front of the hotel room on Friday night and him and Dr. Lonnie Lowery were headed off to dinner; so I joined in. If you are in the area in AZ, be sure to check out the Tilted Kilt—great place! It was so good we ended up there 2 times that night as we hit it up again when Rob “Fortress” Fortney got into town. We had a blast and more to come on that soon.

Dave Barr—supplements and stuff

Leucine is amazing stuff and can directly stimulate anabolic (build things up like muscle tissue) processes in the body

How much?
Current thoughts are 20 gm of leucine per day, divided in 4 doses for about 3 weeks.
Pre lifting and 1 hr before meals are best
If you want to be in an anabolic state, you need more calories than you are spending!!

Elephant in the room is the nervous system (NS).
What the hell is going on with it?

How to optimize the NS
Fish oils/ Omega 3s
Load fish oils for 3 weeks
About 20 gram of Carlsons fish oil
Mike’s note
I did the math and that is about 3 TABLEspoons of Carlsons a day

Cassandra mentioned that there is a cold distillation fish oil out now—mimahi?

Vit E
Go with about 400 IU per day

Fat Loss
NS is key here again! (I am nodding my head)
Control insulin
Calories—yes, control them but not all calories are the same
Add more fiber like powdered glucomnnan to yogurt
Flax fiber is great
Mike’s note---I put flax seeds in my coffee grinder and it works great and saves me some coin!
Green tea is great for anti oxidants
Need more anti oxidants as metabolic rate increases
“If you are not happy with your results, then fix it!”

I got there a bit late from lunch, so I missed the first part of his talk where he was talking about protein pulse feeding. In short, protein should be "pulsed" during the day and not held at a steady constant--it should go up and down a bit. Layne Norton (PhD candidiate) and Dr. Donald Layman have done some really cool work on this lately showing that even if protein levels are held high for up to 6 hours, anabolic processes (protein synthesis) start to go back down around 3 hours or so in INSPITE of high protein (amino acid) levels.

Take away--5 to 6 meals a day may be the max for number of meals to elicit the most anabolic processess. This is all cutting edge and still highly debateable.

Be sure to check out Dave's books on "The Anabolic Index" HERE. In the interest of full disclosure, I do highly recommend the books and I get ZERO money so far to plug his stuff. Heck, I even bought both copies with my own hard earned cash.

Any questions, post them below!
Rock on
Mike N