Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Testimonal: I Can Squat!!

Testimonial Time Again!
Special thanks to Teresa for writing this up and taking a leap of faith to stop by for a Z Health session. Remember, your body is smart and wants to be healthy and move well; it just need a proper stimulus in order to get there many times.

Now, it is not always this easy; but from the stats I've been keeping, about 50-70% of the time it really is this easy with the correct exercises!


I can squat! Whoooo hooo!!

I started weight training in my early 40s and have been fairly successful at it. But one thing that always frustrated me was I could never squat properly. No matter what I tried, I could never get to parallel, unless my heels were significantly raised. I had pretty much resigned myself to being not built for squatting…or that it would take an enormous amount of detective and corrective work to remedy whatever was wrong structurally with me.

During my first session with Mike, I mentioned this almost as an aside. I showed him how tough it was for me to get even close to parallel with bodyweight. He told me I had weak hamstrings, among other things, and prescribed 4 very simple exercises to do three times a day. I’d read some of the testimonials from others, but I figured they were extreme examples. I hoped I’d see some improvements but wasn’t expecting anything dramatic.

Well during just my SECOND day of practice, I decided to try to squat with bodyweight. This is something I’ve come to do every now and then, just to see if anything had changed. Of course, over the years, nothing had and I would struggle to get even close to parallel. Well this particular morning, my second day of Z Health work, I tried a bodyweight squat in my kitchen. Strangely, I seemed to be going pretty deep. I had errands to run so I didn’t continue. When I got back home, I did my second round of exercises for the day, then decided to try some weighted squats. I took my 12kg kettlebell and tried a couple sets of goblet squats and a couple sets of one-arm front squats. Hmmm…it felt like I was going down further than I normally do. I checked in a mirror to make sure. Sure enough, I was hitting at least parallel on virtually each rep. There were even a few reps where I broke parallel!

This is unbelievable. I thought to make this much progress it would take endless trial and error, ferreting out errant body parts, working over and over. But this happened on just my second day! Unbelievable! I can squat!

--Teresa, Business Owner

Mike's notes
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Happy Turkey everyone in the USA and happy weekend to those not in the USA.