Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Women and Weights--But I Don't Want to Get Too Big!

I find it interesting that guys are killing themselves in the gym to get hyoooooge, but some women are afraid to pick up anything heavier than a pink dumbbell for fear of getting too huge.

The reality is that most guys need to check their ego and cut back on the weight and focus on fixing their skitzoid form. Most women need to lift heavier.

When a woman athlete asks me how heavy the kettlebell she is working with, my standard answer is 16. They carry on knocking out KB swings no problem. Most are then shocked that it was actually 16 KILOGRAMS (about 35 pounds) since they did not believe they could lift that much. I tried telling a few how much it was in pounds before they started in the past and I had one that refused to try it since she was already convinced that they could not do it. Remember, the body does what the mind believes.

Muscle is more DENSE than fat, so it takes up less space for the same amount of weight. It also is a primary regulator of your metabolic rate; so more muscle = more caloires burned while NOT exercising. I have yet to meet one female athlete that wants to live the rest of her life only eating 1,000 calories a day. More muscle = the more you can eat and still fit in your skinny jeans.

Below is a video of some local female powerlifters. Heck, they are lifting more than some guys in the gym and none of them are remotely close to being too big; so relax and go lift some heavy stuff.

Congrats to Maura, Fawn, Cheryl, and Anna! Awesome work!!

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