Monday, December 29, 2008

Mike T Nelson Training Updates

Greetings! I get a few questions here and there about what I have been up to training wise, so I have a blog at another address that I have updated with training info. I do practice what I preach and eat my own dog food so to speak.

My current overall goal is to increase strength, but not at the expense of movement quality. I will take moving well and no pain over a 10 lb increase in one of my lifts (although I don't think both of them are mutually exclusive).

You can check it out at

I am fortunate since I have a full set up in my garage that I can use myself and train athletes also of course. Yeah I know it gets cold in Minnesota in the winter, but there is never any windchill in the garage and it really is not too bad. I bring all the bars and KBs inside so your hands don't stick to them!

Here are a few interesting ones.

12_27 Sat Bench and DL ME (Max Effort)

12_23_AM bike, Squat and CRF circuit

12_22 Mon AM bike, Squats, Bench RE

12_21 Sun DL Day

12_16_Tues_ Bench and DL day

12_15_08 Mon Asym day at work

Rock on
Mike N