Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Testimonial Time: Strongman Circuits!

Greetings! For all the USA readers, I trust you all had a great Thanksgiving. Jodie and I were in South Padre Island TX for a few days on a kiteboaridng trip. SPI was a blast! Good times were had by all. Whooo ha.

There was some wind every day and Sat during the day was amazing. I got to ride my 12M Cabrinha Crossbow 3 and I love that kite when it is powered up! I could ride quite a way downwind screwing around, and then in one run blaze back upwind with the board cranked and my butt just a few inches off the water. Whoooo ha. Great times and awesome to see many old friends and make new ones too.

Testimonial Time
Here is one from Adam as he stopped by the Nelson Training Center this past Fall for some strongman fun. It was Adam's first trip out and he did awesome!
I have been working out off and on for the last 10 years. Most of my time is spent doing fairly "standard" exercise routines consisting of free weights and some cardio here and there. While routines such as these can yield reasonable results over time, I tend to get bored with them and find it difficult to motivate myself to exercise each day.

In an effort to try something totally new, I worked out with Mike one weekend. He set up an exercise circuit consisting of many high intensity exercises I have never done before, such as lifting and flipping of a 400 lb tire, kettlebell swings, dead lift with "farmer walks," pushing a car, etc. He first walked me through each exercise, providing detailed instructions on how to perform the movement with proper form. When he felt I had the correct form, I performed the exercise circuit two times while he watched me closely and provided feedback and motivation.

Not only were the exercises new and fun, they were thoroughly intense and gave me a feeling of exhaustion like I haven't felt in many years. I was sore in places I have never been sore, which shows I am working my body differently than I ever had before. Thanks for helping me out, Mike.

Adam Rivard
Mechanical Engineer