Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Testimonial Time, Blogs, Fat Loss and Bone Health Connection?

Testimonial Time
I had the privilege to do a clinic on the basics of Z Health and how to maximize your training for some of the fine folks from 5 Ring Fitness this past weekend.

The recent clinic with Mike T Nelson, Master Z Trainer and RKC was a huge hit! He met the challenge remarkably well, covering a broad range of subject matter seamlessly and fielding everyone's questions with concise and germane answers.

He held the attention of the group with good natured humor and proved himself to be an able instructor. We at 5 Rings Fitness are very greatful for his time, thanks Mike, hope we can do that again in the future.

James Neidlinger, RKC
5 Ring Fitness

Check out his blog also at
5 Rings Fitness Blogspot

Thanks again James and it was a true pleasure to teach for yourself and the eager group of students you brought in!

If anyone else is interested a custom clinic, drop me a line by clicking on the blue text below.
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Blog Updates!
I have added a few new blogs on the right, so check them out

Tommy's Blog
He is an assistant strength and condititiong coach here at the University of Minnesota and all around really smart guy. He is also under taking some crazy training too! See the link below
Tommy's blog

Bob Kaufer is a fellow Z Health guy and now has a new blog dedicated to his passion for health and fitness. Check it out below

Neuro Performance & Health

Aaron S speaks out on running!
My buddy and strength coach Aaron S has an excellent blog post about running. This is NOT your average post on the topic. Check it out below

Aaron Schwenzfeier's Blog: Running

Study Time
What do your bones have to do with fat loss? See the study below and my comments at the end.

The relationship of serum osteocalcin concentration to insulin secretion, sensitivity, and disposal with hypocaloric diet and resistance training.

Fernández-Real JM, Izquierdo M, Ortega F, Gorostiaga E, Gómez-Ambrosi J, Moreno-Navarrete JM, Frühbeck G, Martínez C, Idoate F, Salvador J, Forga L, Ricart W, Ibañez J. Department of Diabetes, Institut d'Investigació Biomédica de Girona, CIBER Fisiopatología de la Obesidad y Nutrición CB06/03/010, 17007 Girona, Catalonia, Spain.

CONTEXT: Bone has recently been described as exhibiting properties of an endocrine organ by producing osteocalcin that increases insulin sensitivity and secretion in animal models.

OBJECTIVE AND DESIGN: We aimed to evaluate circulating osteocalcin in association with insulin sensitivity and insulin secretion in three different studies in nondiabetic subjects: one cross-sectional study in 149 men (using minimal model), and two longitudinal studies in two independent groups (one formed by 26 women, and the other by 9 men and 11 women), after a mean of 7.3 and 16.8% weight loss, and after a mean of 8.7% weight loss plus regular exercise.

RESULTS: In the cross-sectional study, circulating osteocalcin was associated with insulin sensitivity, mainly in lean subjects, and with insulin secretion (only in lean subjects). A mean of 16.8%, but not 7.3% weight loss, led to significant increases in circulating osteocalcin.

However, a mean of 8.7% weight loss plus regular exercise led to the more pronounced effects on the serum osteocalcin concentration, which increased in parallel to reduced visceral fat mass, unchanged thigh muscle mass, and increased leg strength and force. The postintervention serum levels of osteocalcin were associated with both insulin sensitivity (r = 0.49; P = 0.03) and fasting triglycerides (r = -0.54; P = 0.01). The change in visceral fat was the parameter that best predicted the change in serum osteocalcin, once age, body mass index, and insulin sensitivity changes were controlled for (P = 0.002).

CONCLUSION: Circulating osteocalcin could mediate the role of bone as an endocrine organ in humans.

My Notes:
I find this study fascinating! I don't think many (I sure as heck would not) have thought of bone has having a potential effect upon fat loss!

Wow. It goes to show that it is all connected.

"All the body, all the time" --Dr. Eric Cobb

I have some thoughts that bone may regulate hypertrophy, but I have not seen any literature on that aspect yet. Muscles attach to bone and perhaps in some people, bone strength may be a limiting factor, thus working like an arthrokinetic reflex, inhibiting muscle force creation in the brain.

Arthro, who? Below is a post on the arthrokinetic reflex that is taught in Z Health R Phase.

Jammed Joints and Muscular Weakness--Stability and Mobility

For those that prefer video, here it is for ya!

Summary Keep looking at the body as a WHOLE and you will be on track!

Rock on
Mike T Nelson