Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kettlebells Are Great For Women Too!

Kettlebells are perfect for women also. The nice part about the RKC is that it is expected that you lift heavier weights, yes, even for women.

Rant Coming
If I hear one more woman complain that they "don't want to get too big" I am going to scream. That is the EXCEPTION and not the rule. I am sure it has happened to a couple people, but that is far from the norm. Don't let the fear of success stop you from even starting! If it does happen for some odd reason, it is quite easy to loose muscle.

Women are way more capable than most stupid magazines and bad infomercials give them credit for. Stop with the Kettlenetics, Kettleworx and all that other crap that tells you not to lift heavy (again, heavy is always relative to the individual). You MUST give your body a REASON to adapt.

Below is an inside look at the RKC. Watch closely for a cameo from Adam T Glass and a large spiky thing and local RKC Fawn Friday, Ellen Stein and others.

Rock on
Mike T Nelson

If you are interested in Kettlebells and taking your performance to a new level, I will have a special announcement coming soon for you! Stay tuned.