Thursday, June 11, 2009

Muscle vs Fat Video

Off to the RKC meet and greet tonight and then I will be there helping assist Fri-Sun, so more updates coming on Monday here. Just finished a great Z Health session with an RKC candidate and he did awesome! We got his right psoas and right glute to fire much much better along with some increased shoulder range of motion and worked out a massive kink in his upper thoracic spine between his shoulder blades. Very cool!

Here is a new video showing the difference between fat and muscle. I think you will find it very interesting.

Iron Maiden DVD/CD
Jodie and I were able to see the Iron Maiden movie Flight 666 a couple month back in the theater and it was AWESOME! I am a huge music fan and Iron Maiden is one of the best live bands EVER.

It shows them taking a custom plane with all their crew and gear around the world to play in front of thousands of fans. Lead singer Bruce actually flew the plane. Using a plane enabled them to play in a new country almost every day.

The best part was watching all the members of the band doing something that they are so passionate about. They didn't do it to try to "cash in" on another tour, they did it because they knew that many fans wanted to see them play songs live for the first time. I love watching people do things that they are passionate about and if you are a music fan at all, you will love this DVD or CD.

Rock on
Mike T Nelson