Sunday, July 6, 2008

I'm Back and Z Health Testimonial

I'm Back!
I am back on the blog roll again here and thanks for the patience! I handed in my PhD written exams this past Thurs at 5pm--whoooo ha. I managed 2 hours of sleep that night and was working on them non stop for about the last 2 days before they were due. Good thing for due dates as I always feel like there is one more thing to add or one more reference etc. All told it added up to about 75 pages (excluding references, double spaced) and about 260 references cited. Now I just wait with my fingers crossed.

I trust everyone had a good 4th of July weekend since most of use here in the USA were off on Friday. My girlfriend Jodie and I headed up to my parents cabin on Friday until Sunday AM. We got in some wakeboarding, slalmon water skiing and relaxation in general. I almost went out kiteboarding, but in the end decided not to since I have not kited on that lake before and no one around had launched a kite before. Next time hopefully.

We met up with the Fridays (Aaron and Fawn and their brother Shawn) who were just down the road actually and also Steve and his new wife, Rob, Maura and others came up there too. There are some rumored videos of Fawn and Maura doing a Hoola Hoop training session and Maura led us all through a push up session and then on to some random KB work. Good times!! Back to the grind now though!

Z Health Testimonial
Robert Orr stopped in to see me a few weeks ago right before the RKC II. If you are in the Virginia Beach area, but sure to check him out! We were able to get both of his glutes to fire (via Z Health ankle work) and both hamstrings (ankle and elbow work) and I did some hands on work on a scar on his left ankle. Overall he did awesome and rocked the RKC II the following days, so a big shout out to him and congrats!!

Here is the first email I got from him after the session

"It's crazy, I walked in with a tight hammie, ankle and back. During the weekend, I had none of those problems and still haven't. Other than a sore L ankle...just like you said I would.

I am excited about the direction this reprogramming is heading."

And here is a testimonial, verbatim in his words.


Here you go. I hope this works for you. This stuff just seems too simple

I contacted Mike with a goal to ensure I have proper form on the R-Phase drills. Mike conducted an assessment of my injury history and movement patterns. Mike made short work of confirming several issues; some were simple others were unknown to me. The short list: a hammie that refused to fire, an ankle locked, an elbow with less than full ROM... The years of abuse on this frame have taken a toll.

After a few drills, my ankle and hammie were unlocked; exactly what needed after spending the day on an airplane. As an added bonus, my back was pain free for the first time in a month. I went through the RKC II weekend without feeling my body's ailments.

I definitely received more than I anticipated in my meeting with Mike. It doesn't matter if your goal is to set a PR in your event or just to play with your kids; pain free. You owe it to yourself to meet with Mike as soon as you can. Your quality of life is at stake.

Thanks again to Robert for stopping by. More good stuff to come soon and a cool story about a top level athlete and some much need thumb mobility. Yes the thumb!!