Saturday, July 26, 2008

Z Health in Minnesota for RKCs-Its Time and Testimonial

Greetings! I trust everyone had a great weekend. I went to the Saints game (semi pro) baseball game outside on a beautiful Friday night with friends and got to ride my new kiteboard on Saturday. I was not able to kite due to low winds, but did a short session of wake surfing behind the boat. Special thanks to Gary who made the board by hand and from scratch (it turned out beautiful) and Mike "SuperSize" for the pull behind the boat. Great times!!

The Physique Formula is Here
Jimmy Smith has finally released his new Physique Formula with some special bonuses for a limited time. Click HERE to check it out , or the picture on the uppder right of this blog. In the interest of dull disclosure I do make a few bucks off of each purchase (and the price to you the consumer is the same here or on Jimmy's site).

Z Health Time for RKCs coming to Minnesota!
The RKC FMS is coming up soon--Aug 8-10 here in Minnesota, so if anyone is interested in a custom Z Health session from yours truly while you are in town, drop me a line. I only have a few appointment slots at this time, so first come first serve. See this link for all the details. Either way, drop me a line if you are going to be here as it is great to meet people again and meet others for the first time live and in person!

Professional Testimonial
"Mike Nelson is an extremely knowledgeable Zhealth instructor. His dry sense of humor, ability to convey the material and his focus on good form makes it easy to achieve your goals."

Andrea DuCane
Master RKC
Z Health, Level 4 Instructor