Sunday, July 20, 2008

Testimonial for Z Health and New Dragon Door Workshop: Z-Health

Today we have a testimonial from Dr. Jim Ryan and an announcement of a new Z Health workshop done with Dragon Door.

Z Health Testimonial
Mike Nelson really knows his stuff and he checked me for a visual override to my R-phase movements. He found a slight issue that showed a major improvement in my strength, stability and stamina! In my case, keeping my eyes (not my head) looking right improved my strength and stability dramatically.

After discovering the eyes right issue Mike evaluated the strength of a muscle (my Gluteus Medius - a critical pelvic stabilizer) via manual testing. He chose this muscle because they are a major player in normal walking, standing and because I mentioned that they tire out too easily while do my R-phase drills.

Checking their strength, the difference with eyes straight ahead vs. eyes right was night and day; straight ahead I could basically offer no resistance to Mike's pressure but with my eyes shifted to look Right I had to ask him, "Are you pressing as hard as before?" Of course he was, but it felt effortless to hold against his pressure.
--note from Mike, many times eye movements get "wired" to muscle function. In Jim's case, his glute was much stronger by ONLY moving his eyes to the right! Hard to believe I know.

Such a small, simple but obviously important change is part of what the Z-Health system teaches it's practitioners to look for when evaluating your movement, performance and pain related issues...Now my balance is even better, my lower back feels stronger and I don't get as easily fatigued in those muscles while doing the hip and ankle drills.

Thanks, Mike!
Dr. Jim Ryan, RKC

Be sure to check out his blog HERE and on the right side links under blogs. To get further info about Z Health for yourself, click HERE for all the details. If you are not in MN, click on the Z Health pic on the upper right to order the R Phase DVD and manual for yourself directly.

A new seminar!
How to take full control of your body, live a pain-free life and physically excel in all you do…

The Essential Secrets of
Elite Performance
Dr. Eric Cobb

Sponsored by Dragon Door Publications

Friday, October 31—Sunday, November 2, 2008
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dr. Eric Cobb's Z-Health system gains its surprising power and
effectiveness from one fundamental insight:

When it comes to our well-being and our physical performance,
the nervous system RULES!

However, this can be VERY BAD NEWS:

If the nervous system is left entirely to its own devices, it
can literally cripple you, even entirely destroy your ability to
function without great pain and debilitating disease.

Attempting to be your best friend and save you from perceived
threat, your nervous system can and OFTEN DOES turn into your
worst enemy, playing absolute havoc with your health and

Most of us, unfortunately, have little clue and less training in
how to heed and effectively respond to the danger signals from
our own body, indicating that our own nervous system has got us
by the throat and is slowly throttling the life out of us.

Great athletes have their careers cut short. The average athlete
declines into sub-par mediocrity. The rest of us struggle
increasingly with performance-crimping pains and aches and
eventually become empty husks compared to our vibrant former

Many of us get trapped on an endless treadmill of expensive
massage, chiropractic, nouveau diets, gizmos and one "magical
promise" treatment after another, looking in vain for a fix to
our woes. Many of us even resort to pain-killing drugs and other
destructive medications. (Which at best just numb us toward an
even speedier decline…)

Sadly, most of us simply continue to deteriorate, in strength,
in flexibility, in performance, in our general health.

Through ignorance, we give away our power to the nervous system
and let it contribute to our quicker destruction…

But it absolutely DOESN'T have to be that way!

If we can understand—truly understand—how the nervous system
really operates we can form a WIN-WIN partnership with our
"ruler"—and radically shift the balance of power.

Instead of being the unwitting victims of a despot run rampant,
we become the guiding pilots of a magnificently tuned and
calibrated system for supreme physical performance!

Enter Dr. Eric Cobb's Z-Health program—giving you everything you
need—not only to regain full control of your body—but also to
ramp up your physical performance to almost "superstar" levels.

Brilliant, immensely erudite, Dr. Cobb has explored every
imaginable avenue in his constant quest to push the human
performance envelope. From esoteric Russian health systems, to
Feldenkreis and somatics, to sports, to martial arts, to the
frontiers of Western neuroscience, Dr. Cobb has made it his
life-purpose to understand how we can live truly pain-free,
high-performance lives.

And be it the professional athlete or the formerly bed-ridden
housewife—the results have spoken for themselves. Time and time
again: careers resurrected or jump-started. Shattered lives
rebuilt. Hope rekindled. Vibrant life reclaimed.

Having watched an increasing number of our best RKCs go through
the Z-Health program and report amazing results… and having
myself attended the six-day Z-Health R-Phase certification, I
was confident enough in Z-Health to organize a 3-day
introduction to Dr. Cobb's system, for a larger audience.

Right now, Z-Health is the inner success secret for an elite
group of high performers and trainers—and a handful of lucky lay

But I think it's a crying shame that such a dramatically
powerful health and performance system continues to remain
almost "under wraps". The private reserve of a lucky few who are
in the know.

So, at my personal invitation, Dr. Cobb has agreed to share key
insights and drills from THREE levels of his Z-Health
certification program.

Until now, you would have had to invest many, many thousands of
dollars to access this information—over a very extended period
of time.

Now, finally you can access much of this amazing knowledge for a
fraction of that expense in both time and money!

So, as a fortunate participant, here's what you will walk way
with after attending Dr. Cobb's Z-Health: The Essential Secrets
of Elite Performance…

Become an equal partner with your nervous system when you
discover how to dramatically enhance your pain-free health and
performance ACROSS THE BOARD.

Discover how to take advantage of your natural inborn
reflexes—to make them HELP you, not hinder you. Hardly a soul on
the planet really understands how to do this. Now, YOU'LL know!

Get a "best of" approach to learning the practical application
of Z-Health principles, drills, and techniques utilized by elite
athletes around the world.

Be spoon-fed the essential theory behind the scientific
breakthroughs—Dr. Cobb is brilliant at turning the most
sophisticated "neurophysiology of performance" into a simple set
of easy-to-grasp and easy-to-apply formulas. He's done the heavy
lifting for you—now just gulp down and get going!

And speaking of spoon-fed, don't worry, there will be nothing on
the menu that resembles a "riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an

Your Z-Health course is going to be strictly a "meat and
potatoes" affair—filled with high-payoff drills, exercises and
concepts you can immediately apply to enhance your life, health
and performance.

This course is going to be ALL ABOUT PAYOFF in the field of
performance. We're talking a severe bang for your buck in the
world of real physical movement—whether it be gardening in your
back yard pain-free, or competing on the highest level as a
professional athlete.

To view complete information on our website click here now

Register on-line or call 1-800-899-5111