Friday, July 25, 2008

Z Health Feedback and Question--Jaw Mobility?

Z Health Feedback and Question--Jaw Mobility?

The Z is going well and I feel stronger every week.

Here is my thought of the day:

In the R Phase manual Dr Cobb describes the movements for this phase. It is good to have the what. What I really like to know is the why. That is the what I liked most about working with an actual Z Health trainer (you). I think that without the why, it is just going through motions aimlessly or blindly. You know there is supposed to be some good coming but no idea what.

With that said, what is the purpose of the TMJ (jaw mobility)?



Thanks for the comments! Much appreciated and great to hear from you.

The funny thing is, all the background and theory is actually in the first 25-30 pages of the Z Health R Phase manual (you can pick up a copy by clicking on the Z Health Performance picture on the upper right), but I did not get it after reading it a few times (is this ALL? was my first thought). Even after the entire R Phase training I read it over again and went--oh, I get it now. ha! So kudos to for trying to understand why.

In short, ANY jammed or less than optimal joint will create muscular weakness. See this link HERE

The trick is that since the nervous system takes feedback from ALL of the joints, even having one joint not up to par will affect overall performance. Yep, and this includes the jaw! For those that the Neural Warm Up or R Phase, you will find that every joint is covered.

The level 4, more whooo whooo answer is that the jaw work can have profound effects for those that need some cranial (head) work from past trauma usually or bad movement for years. The head and the hands/wrists are actually at the end of the force transfer from the feet too (that force has to go somewhere--remember Physics 101).

Any comments, let me know