Thursday, October 2, 2008

Testimonial from Rick Olson, RKC

Rick stopped in at my place before the RKC here in Minnesota a few weeks ago for a Z Health session. He had the R Phase DVD and just had a few things to get checked. Rick passed the RKC snatch test with no problem and is now an RKC, while receiving some nice compliments from Pavel himself along the way. Excellent work Rick!!! See his testimonial below and be sure to check out his blog at

Z Health Testimonial from a new RKC

Although I have been doing some z-health drills (R-phase, NWU 1) along with the DVDs with some success, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to visit with a Z-Health expert. Mike took the information from our discussion regarding the Initial Session Questionnaire and in short order (only 1 hour) identified the specific z drills to improve the function of both lats, both hamstrings, a glute and grip strength. An additional .5 hour ensured I performed the drills correctly; I felt the difference in the way I walked. Wow! I have no doubt my performance at the RKC weekend was greatly improved as the RKC system’s focus is on the very muscles that had issues. I continue to do the drills and continue to feel my body adjusting and firing better. Time well spent! Thanks Mike. – Rick O. RKC (

If you are going to be in town for the RKC in October and are interested in a Z Health session, drop me a line as I only have a limited number of spots.

Congrats to all the new RKC from September. Excellent work by all!

Pavel announced several RKC instructor promotions.

Coms. Shaun Cairns, Jon Engum, Brad Nelson, Doug Nepodal, and Will Williams are now Senior RKC instructors.

Coms. Cortez Hull, Dan John, Peter Lakatos, and Jeremy Layport are new RKC Team Leaders.

Congrats to all them also! Nice work!

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