Thursday, February 19, 2009

Music, Mobility, and Rhythm Z Health Style

After the onslaught of crazy science stuff, I figured a few of your brains may need a break.

Below is a great video of some crazy mobility work done to the song "Loose Cannon" by the band Killing Joke. I had heard of Killing Joke for quite some time, but the first CD I bought from them was the "Democracy" release in 1996. I have a video from that album at the end here. It is a great album and I would recommend it.

Mobility and Music
The first video below is perfect, as it combines my love for music and mobility work all in one!

Keep in mind that rhythm can be developed also. In the S Phase Z Health class we did some mobility work to a metronome. This is harder than it sounds at first.

So if you are doing an elbow circle, your goal is to complete one rep at each beep of the metronome. Or you can reach the mid point at each beat. This will also force you to practice mobility work at a different speed. Most do too much at the SAME speed. Remember that just like exercise, your body will adapt and not change much after that point.

So the next time you are told "Yo' got no rhythm booooooy" break out the metronome and Z Health drills.

Special thanks to Sheriff in the UK for sending this one to me.