Monday, February 23, 2009

Official De-Lurk Day

Greetings! I have declared today an official De-Lurk Day. If you have enjoyed this blog or you happen to stumble across it via a search or however you ended up here, drop me a comment and say what is up.

Let me know where you are from, your interests, what you enjoy and what you hate. What do you want to see featured on here? What questions do you have?

There are so many people that read this blog from all over the world! Heck, we had our fist letter from Serbia posted just yesterday! Who will be the first person to post a comment from Australia? China?

To give you even more incentive, I will be giving away a copy of Dave Tate's awesome book "Under the Bar" to a random poster by next week. So get your post/comment up there and maybe you will get a free book shipped to your door. I apologize to our international friends as this will only apply to US and Canada residents. Sorry for the inconvenience.

So say hello, drop a note in the comment line and I look forward to hearing form you! Thanks in advance for your time!

Rock on
Mike T Nelson