Wednesday, February 25, 2009

VPX Meltdown: Does It Work for Fat Loss? Brand New Fat Loss Research

Welcome again and thanks for stopping by! This issue will not make me any friends with the supplement companies, but I stand by science; so off we go! See the full abstract below and my comments after that.

Thermogenic effect of an acute ingestion of a weight loss supplement.

Hoffman JR, Kang J, Ratamess NA, Rashti SL, Tranchina CP, Faigenbaum AD. Department of Health and Exercise Science, The College of New Jersey, PO Box 7718, Ewing, New Jersey 08628, USA.

ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND: The purpose of this study was to examine the acute effects of a weight loss supplement on resting oxygen uptake (VO2), respiratory quotient (RQ), caloric expenditure (kcal), heart rate (HR), and blood pressure (BP) in healthy and physically active individuals.

METHODS: Ten subjects (5 male, 5 female; 20.2 +/- 1.2 y; 172.2 +/- 8.9 cm; 71.5 +/- 17.2 kg; 17.3 +/- 2.6% body fat) underwent two testing sessions administered in a randomized and double-blind fashion. During each session, subjects reported to the Human Performance Laboratory after at least 3-h post-absorptive state and were provided either 3 capsules of the weight loss supplement (SUP), commercially marketed as Meltdown(R) or 3 capsules of a placebo (P). Subjects then rested in a semi-recumbent position for three hours. VO2 and HR were determined every 5 min during the first 30 min and every 10 min during the next 150 min. BP was determined every 15 min during the first 30 min and every 30 min thereafter. The profile of mood states was assessed every 30 min.

RESULTS: Area under the curve analysis revealed a significant 28.9% difference in VO2 between SUP and P for the three hour study period. In addition, a significant difference in energy expenditure was also seen between SUP (1.28 +/- 0.33 kcal.min-1) and P (1.00 +/- 0.32 kcal.min-1). A trend (p = 0.06) towards a greater utilization of stored fat as an energy source was also demonstrated (0.78 +/- 0.23 kcal.min-1 and 0.50 +/- 0.38 kcal.min-1 in P and SUP, respectively). Significant elevations in HR were seen during hours two and three of the study, and significantly higher average systolic BP was observed between SUP (118.0 +/- 7.3 mmHg) and P (111.4 +/- 8.2 mmHg). No significant differences were seen in diastolic blood pressure at any time point. Significant increases in tension and confusion were seen in SUP.

Results indicate a significant increase in energy expenditure in young, healthy individuals following an acute ingestion of a weight loss supplement. In addition, ingestion of this supplement appears modify mood and elevate HR and s
ystolic BP following ingestion.

My Comments
First off, I love that they actually sponsored real research and I do have to give them kudos for that as it is much more than most supplement companies do. So hats off on that part.

The big question is, does it work?

According to the study, it was significantly better at burning more calories. Keep in mind that when they say SIGNIFICANTLY they are talking about STATISTICAL significance and many times this adds up to a hill of beans in the really real world.
a significant difference in energy expenditure was also seen between SUP (1.28 +/- 0.33 kcal.min-1) and P (1.00 +/- 0.32 kcal.min-1)"

Er, what? They measured for 3 hours, so 1.28 X 180 minutes= 230 calories compared to 1.00 x 180 minutes = 180 calories.
So over 3 hours you would burn a whole 50 more calories. Whoo ha. That would be about an 1/2 of a granola bar at best.

If you took that every day 2xs a day for a week you are at an extra 700 calories per week,so after 5 weeks you may burn an extra pound of fat (3,500 kcal) ASSUMING that this effect stays the same for that entire time (my guess is that it would not, but we don't know since this was an acute study).

What is in it?
Above is the ingredients. Holy freakin' stimulants batman!

I typed in an Internet search and found it a vitacost for about 34 clams without shipping and gives you 40 servings (3 caps a serving). So at 2 servings per day (6 caps), it will last about 3 weeks. To get to 5 weeks you will need just under 2 bottles and you will be out about $70

My rough math says that at best, 1 pound of fat will cost you $70 and 5 weeks of your time.

Personally, I can find many ways to spend a 70 clams and my first would be to buy a session with a fitness professional and put it towards a kettlebell!

So, does work?
I guess so, but the amount adds up to pretty much nothing; so I will give it a thumbs down for now.

Add to this that I would never personally take stimulants for that long a period of time either. I can just hear my adrenal glands start to shrink.

In the end it is a free country and each person has to make a decision for themselves. I just ask that they look at some science first and at least there is some science to investigate here.


Mike N