Monday, February 2, 2009

Z Health, Pain, and Limb Shaking?

Here is a thought for you Mike, A friend of mine shakes her hands, vigorously flapping them around, and claims it helps her hands. What effect would that vigorous joint mobility have from a Z health perspective? Steve Hendrickson

Similar idea. When you touch a hot stove, after pulling your finger away, what do you do next? Flap that finger around! Why? Because your body is friggin' smart, that is why! You are trying to increase motor function and potentially "drown out" the pain sensation.

Z Health does something similar, as it uses all ACTIVE mobility drills, so there is a motor component being sent from the brain to the joint/muscles.

The downside is that limb shaking works, but the body does not learn much from it; so it will probably need to be repeated often in the future for the same effect. Limb shaking may have some other temporary benefits like blood flow and lymph movement also. Active mobility drills (like Z Health) since they are done by actively moving the joint/limb in an INTENDED position will "stick" better; so you don't need to keep doing the exact same movements forever.

Good question!
Mike T Nelson