Sunday, February 22, 2009

Z Health Question: Case Study/Car Accident and Basketball Performance

Happy Monday to all of you! I trust your weekend was a good one.

I spent all day in the lab on Friday (6am-7:30pm) and stopped by Chipotle for a nice chicken burrito (hmmmm, burrito) and watched an episode of Myth Busters on DVD! Ahhhhh, the good life. I was in bed by 9pm. Mr Excitement lives next door, not here this weekend.

Z Health Case Study
Saturday I worked around my townhome for awhile and had a Z Health session with a client in the afternoon that went well.

Here is how it went down:

We got her left glute(butt muscle) to fire with Z Health ankle work on the left side. There are 4 spots in the foot/ankle that correspond to muscles in the hip. If the ankle is goofed up, it will start to shut down the muscle in the hip to prevent you from exerting any more high forces on your ankle. as your body is trying to protect itself. Once the ankle area is "open" with some Z Health mobility work, many time the muscles in the hip fire much much better. The technically name for this is "arthrokinetic reflex" and is taught in the Z Health R Phase cert. See this post below for more information.

Jammed Joints and Muscular Weakness--Stability and Mobility

We got her abs to work much better also! She could not do a strict sit up, and after some specifc exericse for her head (yes I know that sounds very weird), she could do a sit up!

She was having some issues getting her right tricep to fire, and we got it working pretty good with a combination of neck (C7) mobility, radial nerve glide with elbow and shoulder movement, and motor point work. For information on nerve flossing, see this post below

Nerve Flossing Z Health Style: I Can Rotate My Neck

Z Health Question and Answer
Hi Mike! I'm a 15 year old fan of yours work. I'm from Serbia so sorry for my bad English.I read your blog every day and I read whole archive of your blog and I can tell you it's FANTASTIC! Readers can see that you enjoy learning new stuff about our bodies and you want to share that with them.

I have a question for you. I had a car accident while I was in a car with my dad. I had just a minor left hip contusion but my father ended dislocating his left hip (luxatio coxae) and ortho said that he must not put left leg down for 6 months. He can sit now and ortho gave him some exercises to do but his muscles are weak a he feels pain in the injured hip .

I'm wondering if Z can help him now? There is no Z trainer in Serbia or anywhere near my country and I'm desperate seeing him in pain.

I am going to buy some Z product to try it myself since I play basketball and want to increase my performance.Is it better to buy R phase or the Quick Start Guide?

Thanks in advance!Greetings from Serbia!!!

P.S.Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the kind words all the way from Serbia. Much appreciated and no worries as your English is great.

Sorry to hear about the car accident.

For your dad, the best advice to work with his orthopod. If his doc will give him the ok to start some very light NONpainful movement; he too could start with some Z Health. If he can only do it while seated, that is fine too. Once cleared for movement, I would have him start on the RIGHT shoulder and see if that helps.

Yes, R Phase is great for basketball, since that has lots of running and a higher impact on the joints. I would start at R Phase and once you are moving well with those drills, you can try the Neuro Warm Up 1 next.

It is worth saving to get the R Phase over the Quick Start Guide as the exercises on the Quick Start Guide(QSG) are repeated in R Phase. But if money is super tight and you are looking to start something now, the QSG can be a good place to start.

The key is to make sure you are doing the drills with PRECISION in a relaxed state.

You can purchase and Z Health product from the box on the upper right hand side of my blog. I do make a few dollars off of each sale, but the price is the same to you and I will be my best to answer any questions you have.

Let me know how it goes and I wish both of you the best!
Rock on
Mike N