Sunday, June 15, 2008

Congrats new RKCs!

Just wanted to send out a congrats to the new RKCs! Awesome work to all and excellent job! My girlfriend Jodie and I stopped by on Sunday for the graduation work out. Ahhhhh, the memories and flash backs I had to my RKC weekend back in Oct.

Special congrats to Pat Collins--good to see you again, Katie B.--fellow Z Health Level 4 and works at Condition Inc in Atlanta, and Franklin--always great to meet people from blog-land in person!

Awesome to see Fawn and Aaron Friday, Joe Pavel and his buddy, all the RKC instructors--Geoff Neupert, Jeff O'Connor, Brett "Clean Shaven" Jones, Angela, Pavel, Andrea and everyone else that I missed.

Check out all of the pics courtesy of Dragon Door HERE

So if you have ever wanted to give the KB a shot, drop me a line! Watch out, as you may never go back to the hamster on a treadmill again! Plus it is great to take them to the park for a nice outside training session, excellent to drop body fat and increase your performance to boot.