Friday, June 13, 2008

Race Across America Update!

RAAM Update
The Race Across America is ON! As most of you know, I was a volunteer for it last year on Team Heart Strong and they placed third overall which was amazing. Not only are they riding (yes pedal bikes) across the entire USA, it is a RACE. That changes everything. It was an honor and a privilege to help last year, but it was a ONCE in a lifetime exerperience.

Check out the writeup from last year HERE and my old blog updates from last year HERE

One thing I learned from last year was sleep deprivation. I slept a total of 17 hours in just over 6.5 days. Yes, you read the correct. I don't know how many quality hours of those 17 there were since that was in a bumpy RV. Going through the mountain in CO, my "sleep time" was in the compartment above the drivers and with each turn I woke up convinced I was doing to die in a fiery RV crash.

During exchanges with the riders, after about day 2.5 I could not remember a number if my life depended on it as I completely blew my short term memory. I had to write down EVERYTHING. Yikes.

A toothbrush and shower feel like the greatest things in world. Nothing like hanging out with smelly people who have yellow fuzzy teeth.

At the end I collapsed on the cement floor and passed out for about an hour while people were running all around everything. I could have cared less.

More details as the RAAM this year progresses. Good luck to that nut Tim Case doing it SOLO (that is off the charts INSANE) and all of Team Heart Strong!!!! Be sure to check out the live updates here!

Rock on