Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Random Z Health Thoughts

Watch out. Random ramblings ahead. You have been warned. Too much stress and coffee sometimes does odd things to my thought patterns!

Here is a simplified version of what I do with athletes:
-mobility work (like Z Health) to obtain efficient movement. This enables the CORRECT muscles to fire at the CORRECT times (neural retraining)
-add load/tension in posture you want to mimic. So don't lift like Quasi Motto unless you want to look like a hump back!

It is amazing what even 1-3 reps of a good pushup can do to correct some issues! The reverse it true--perfect mobility work can be "wrecked" by piss poor lifting mechanics. Trust me, I tried that out in my own lab for months.

Not sure? Test it! Do an exercise and test your movement before and after or at minimum your static posture.

What next?
One thing I noticed with myself recently is that once movement is freed up (increased movement quality), I added in some chins with a pause at the top and it seems (have not looked at any lit.) that my lower traps fire like crazy now! I am starting to think that pull ups/chin ups are better than rows to "balance out" all the pressing/bench work if you look at how the muscles fire and have to move, but have not looked into this much (I told you this would be random!)

Further down the rabbit hole---if my back muscles are so piss weak, how come I can pull myself into correct posture but it does not stay there?

I moved to trap bar deadlifts recently to maintain a longer spine better under load (regular DLs were feeling like crap anyway) and work on my right ankle bone rhythm (efficient movement) along with more left wrist (opposite joint work probably due to interneural coupling if you want to be fancy--aka it works) and right ankle work--esp Z Health 6 position ankle circles and fig 8s)--last night my ankle started to move better and was cracking and popping all night as I walked around. I also have more soreness in my right glute (glute max I think)---hmmmm, funny how that cuboid area is so important (think foot strike timed to appropriate hip movement). I also think I need a longer run on sentence now too.

Random thoughts I know---but the take away is that it is all connected and the nervous system runs the show! Yes this even applied to soft tissue work. What do you think is holding all those muscles tight? I like Brad Nelson's quote "just because the dial spins doesn't mean the safe will open" Z Health helps provide the right pass code.