Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mike T Nelson Training blog live

I've had a few questions as the last few months about what I am doing for training currently; so I decided to log it in another blog. The main reason for this is improved record keeping on my part too, as I can search on it instantly!

Current goals are to maintain strength, drop a little body fat (get down to below 15% on skin fold calipers; last time clocked in at 15.3%), and increase my cardio respiratory fitness (CRF). Once I turn in my completed my PhD writtens on July 3 I will take that weekend off and then probably start a more strength based phase again as prep for the Fall Tactical Strength Challenge. I will need to keep my training on a lower volume/intensity until July 3 as I am sure I will have enough stress!

As always, I rate quality of movement above all else. If a lift messes my up movement wise, I will find something else to do. Lately I've been doing a bit more variety and enjoying it.

So just since you are super busy that is no excuse for little movement! There is no good time to start, so start TODAY! Maybe you will get some ideas of things you can try out.

Just a note---this is what is currently working for me; so it will probably NOT be best for you! I have some old injuries (too many to list), surgeries, and some visual issues I am working through but progress has been good.

Getting professional advice for a program from someone that can watch you move is well worth your coin!

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