Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gourment Nutrition Magazine for a Great Cause!

I don't often post other offers and random stuff since I know your time is valuable and I do really appreciate the time you do take to read this blog BUT here is something very cool from Dr. John Berardi at Precision Nutrition (which is the system I use for all nutrition work).

Check out the message below from JB himself. In the interest of full disclosure I don't make any money off of it and all of the profits that JB makes will be donated to buy GOOD food for those in need. You can even get the first one for FREE and it is very well done.
Mike N

I have something very, VERY cool to share with you today.

Some of you will recall that a few months ago, we founded a non-profit organization called the Healthy Food Bank to buy basic nutritious food for food banks around North America.

What we didn't tell you is that we had another amazing project in mind, right from the very beginning.

What if I told you that the same team that produced Gourmet Nutrition V2 (the same photography team, the same design team, the writers, the editors, and even some new faces) had created a brand new PDF food magazine -- a food magazine that is stunning in every regard, from the design to the photography to the writing?

That it includes delicious, gourmet recipes in each issue and captivating articles covering everything from nutrition and food science to gardening and cultivation?

And what if I told you that the magazine is donating ALL of its profit to the Healthy Food Bank to buy good food for people in need?

Why, you'd say, "How do I subscribe?"

Then I'd say, "Go here, because your subscription will help a lot of people eat better tomorrow - including you!"

Click SPEZZATINO for the link


PS: I'll have more to say on this over the next few days, including an explanation of the name (spezza-what?), a complete review of the mag and some other great news.

PPS: By the way, there is a downloadable sample available on the site, and I encourage you to check it out for yourself. But don't stop there. I strongly recommend you subscribe, because not only is it a good deed - it's an amazing magazine on its own merit that I'm 100% positive you'll love: