Sunday, August 10, 2008

Protein Research and Old Friends in Town

Greetings! I trust your weekend was a great one! Mine was great!

Old Friends and New Friends
The RKC FMS (Functional Movement Screen) was here in town this past weekend, so I crashed the meet and greet and met up with some again the next night at Fawn Friday's place. It was awesome to see many that I have not seen in years (like Franz) and others that I only saw briefly last time! Jodie and I also went to dinner with MC from "Begin To Dig" blog and Precision Nutrition, so it was great to finally meet the real MC in person!

Overall it was great to see so many from "blogland"--Dr. Jim, Aaron and Fawn Friday, Maura "Super Grlllllllllll Powerlifters", Mr and Mrs Rif, Gabi, Franklin, Franz, Sean S, Shawn Friday, Super Dog Elsa, KB Katie, and a few others that I am sure I am forgetting here due to too much sun (so sorry) and others that I only met briefly there. Most of links on the right hand side here, so check out their blogs.

The thing I love about all the RKCs and old and new friends is that every one of them is super nice and very passionate about learning more; which is awesome! To all that were there, you owe me pictures! The picture on the right I stole off Tracy's blog.

PhD Writtens Update
Thanks to all for the warm wishes on my PhD writtens and I found out last week that I passed on 3 questions and have revisions on 1; so I can live with that! Now I need to crank out my revisions, get my study to IRB (the place that approves human studies) since I had some revisions gand get my preliminary orals completed around the first week of Sept; so blog updates may be more sparse than usual!

Good Times Up North
Jodie and I headed up to my parents cabin this past Sat and Sun and it was a beautiful weekend here in Minnesota. We got in some water skiing, which is always a blast! Jodie did great and was able to go on 1 ski for a period of time in addition to cutting back and forth across the wake for only her third time ever water skiing!

I had some good runs on my salmon ski (HO ASX Carbon--awesome ski) and almost got up starting out on one ski. I know what to do now and will get it next time for sure! Overall I felt great as my body was doing what I told it to do! Whooo ha--go Z Health and Kettlebells!
Here are a few pics (note to self, work on less chicken winging on right arm).

Brand New Study on Whey Protein and Insulin
There are many different types of protein on the market today, but pretty much everyone agrees that around your training time, having some type of whey protein is best. If you are not using anything around the time you train, you are really missing out (especially if you have not eaten withing the last 2 hours).

Personally, I would try not to use whey concentrate and go with an isolate and perhaps a hydrolyzed whey protein. For the vast majority, whey isolate will be just fine as it is rapidly absorbed and the taste is pretty good. Hydrolyzed whey is a protein that is "cut" into even smaller "pieces" so the theory is that it is even more rapidly absorbed and may provide a higher insulin spike (so the theory goes). Remember that insulin is a very anabolic (building up of things like proteins into new muscle tissue) hormone, so if you can increase it you can add muscle. Although too much insulin and you can add FAT--bad.

But does hydrolyzed (hydro) protein result in more insulin than another type of whey protein? Well, glad you asked as a brand new study (below) show that it does indeed!

Caution--just because a (singular) study shows that it does spike insulin more, this does not mean that you will automatically see greater gains in muscle/recovery, etc from its use as this was NOT measured in this study. If you buy pure hydrolyzed protein by itself, even with flavors and sweetners it has an EXTREMELY bitter taste, so that is another reason it is not my first recommendation for most athletes.

Human insulinotropic response to oral ingestion of native and hydrolysed whey protein.
: Amino Acids. 2008 Aug 5. [Epub ahead of print]

Human Science Research Unit, Department of Physical Education and Sports Science, University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland,

The insulinotropic response to the ingestion of whey protein and whey protein hydrolysate, independent of carbohydrate, is not known. This study examined the effect of protein hydrolysis on the insulinotropic response to the ingestion of whey protein.

Sixteen healthy males ingested a 500 mL solution containing either 45 g of whey protein (WPI) or whey protein hydrolysate (WPH). The estimated rate of gastric empting was not altered by hydrolysis of the protein [18 (3) vs. 23 (3) min, n = 16; P = 0.15]. Maximum plasma insulin concentration (C (max)) occurred later (40 vs. 60 min) and was 28% [234 (26) vs. 299 (31) mM, P = 0.018] greater following ingestion of the WPH compared to the WPI leading to a 43% increase [7.6 (0.9) vs. 10.8 (2.6) nM, P = 0.21] in the AUC of insulin for the WPH. Of the amino acids with known insulinotropic properties only Phe demonstrated a significantly greater maximal concentration [C (max); 65 (2) vs. 72 (3) muM, n = 16; P = 0.01] and increase (+22%) in AUC following ingestion of the WPH.

In conclusion, ingestion of whey protein is an effective insulin secretagogue. Hydrolysis of whey protein prior to ingestion augments the maximal insulin concentration by a mechanism that is unrelated to gastric emptying of the peptide solution.