Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Z Health testimonial from Wendy

Z Health Testimonial
I contacted Mike with a goal to restore my left foot to normalcy. I had progressively lost the ability to walk on that foot bare- foot. Having used chiropractiic and having consulted traditional healthcare ( which sugested steroid shots or surgury) , I decided to consult Mike about Z-health.

Mike conducted an assessment and prescribed a series of R plus I phase drills. The result is I can walk bare- foot. I can resume dancing and I can even wear low heels for dance.

In addition on a subsequent visit, Mike confirmed a visual issue I have which came up in a private dance lesson. Years of abuse from repetitive hand work as a dental hygienist had started to cause numbing in my arms during work or sleeping. That has ceased. I still have some hand issues to work out. One step at a time.

On both visits, I experienced relief during the session and enhanced performance with practicsing the drills. I strongly recommend Mike and Z-health!

Wendy Huebner