Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Deadlift Tips!

Z Health I Phase
Z Health I Phase went great and more updates soon, but I need to kick out some revisions on my PhD writtens pronto, so more updates soon.
Congrats to all the new I Phase people--Fawn Friday, Dr. Jim Ryan, Joe Pavel, Brad "Top Notch", Aaron S, and Marty. Excellent work!! It was a great review for myself again too and I got to teach a bit there also which was a blast. Aaron S from ND crashed on my couch, so excellent late night geeky chats too. See my older I Phase updates from last year HERE and
HERE--case studies


Gotta love the deadlift! I would love it even more if I could take about about 3 inches from my femurs, but such is life--ha! Here is a great run down of deadlift technique from Rippetoe. Great stuff!

Deadlift Analysis

Rock on!

Mike N