Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Question on warm up before lifting Z style

Z Health Q and A Time!
Hi there Mike!

The Z Health drills are going good. I'll be honest, I have many aches and pains, but I feel much better after I do them. I've been doing the full R-phase routine at least once per day. Always after I wake up (right before I train in the morning) and then sometimes later in the day.

Do I need to do the full routine as part as my warmup?

What I mean is, anything wrong with doing only lower body stuff for my lower body workouts--with things like elbow circles also thrown in for deadlift days--and upper body drills for upper body training? I'm just not sure because I've read some of your posts explaining how the body is basically an "x", therefore, for shoulder problems, you may focus on, say, ankle drills. Thanks for the help!

The short answer is that you are correct, even one joint can have some effect on peformance--how much and to what extent will vary. See my older post HERE on jammed joints and muscular weakness. That is the exact reason they created the Z Health Neuro WarmUp (shamless plug I know) as it takes you through the whole body in 12 minutes including some eye work too. Most of the drills are similar, but a few are different and highly condensed.

I use the NWU (Neuro Warm Up) each time before I train to make sure all my joints are good to go and my nervous system is ready. If there is an area that is not moving as well as I would like, I will add in a few more Z drills for it until I get it up to par. I then warm up slowly on my main lifts to see how I am feeling that day and make sure my movement is still good. Then it is time to hit it hard.

Each day can be different, so it is important to listen to your body and this gives you a very time efficient way to that!

I do a more focused Z session either later in the day again or on the next day.

You can also break the Z Health R Phase into an upper body day or a lower body day too and really focus on good, clean movement.

Here is template that works well
M--NWU before lifting (deadlift, KB Press exercises)
T--R Phase Upper Body in afternoon, interval training in evening
W--NWU before lifting (bench, rows/chin ups)
Th--R Phase Lower Body in afternoon, KB Snatches for reps in evening
F--R Phase full body, low intensity-45 bike ride/ tennis session
Sat-NWU before lifting (squats/lunges and strongman)
Sun-OFF, R Phase Full Body, but done at a slower speed

Again, this is a just a template and most initially will need MORE mobility work to get their movement up to par. Any specific questions or program design information, please contact me.

The R Phase DVD is great, but for those that are new to it the video moves VERY fast, so hit pause a lot and slow it down when it is new. Be sure to review the second DVD or manual to make sure you are doing the movements with PRECISION EACH TIME! This is radically different from other mobility systems that I have seen.

You can get the NWU and R Phase DVD (or any Z Health product) from my blog by the link on the upper right hand side. In the interest of full disclosure, I do make a few bucks from it and I really appreciate the business. The cost to you is the same here as the Z Health site and for anyone that purchases something from me, drop me a note stating that you have and I will be more than happy to answer ANY questions you have related to it.

Rock on!
Mike N