Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dysfunctional Exercise Cues at XL Athlete (aka How to Cue Exercise Correctly)

I recently wrote an article about applying neurology to exercise cues. The full article is at

XL Athlete Dysfunctional Exercise Cues By Mike T Nelson

Special thanks to Cal Dietz for publishing in and editing my typos by Jonathon Janz, MS, CSCS, USAW

Below is the start of the article

If most agree that training full body
exercises (dead lifts, bench press, KB Swing,
etc) is better than isolating body parts for
the purpose of training athletes, why do
most coaches still cue athletes via body
parts (squeeze those lats, etc)?
For those that don't want to read any further,
here is the crazy thought:
Cue them by the movement you want them to
do and/or do an exercise to allow better
Ok, you can stop reading now. If you want
more details, down the rabbit hole we go!

Head over to XL Athlete and read the full article (click below) and put any discussion points/ experience/ comments in general here on my blog and I will reply to them.

XL Athlete Dysfunctional Exercise Cues By Mike T Nelson

There are tons and tons of great things on the XL Athlete site, so be sure to check out their main page below

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