Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tactical Strength Challenge (TSC) April 2009 Update

Back on Track A Bit
I've been holed up in the lab testing subjects and running data like a crazy person so that I can graduate this summer, so updates here have been a bit more sparse. If you sent me an email, I got it and will get back to you soon. I appreciate your patience and understanding! Training updates on Mike T Nelson Training will be hit and miss for a bit too as my first priority is to DO the training and then worry about getting it up online.

Onwards and upwards to the TSC update. Blogger munched my first copy of this, so that added a bit more time to it also.

TSC April 4, 2009 at Kinetic Edge Performance, Minnesota

It was TSC time again and as promised, here are my results.

Weighed in at 204.8 lbs

DL warm ups went find and 0pened at 345 lbs --easy.

I was going to do 375, but 345 was easy so opted for 385 lbs.

385 missed---the bar was too far in front I think and my left knee came in a bit.
385 missed--got it further (mid shin or so) but no dice.

I was pretty pissed off that I changed my mind, but if I wold have gotten 385 I would have been ok; so that is the way it goes. I am working on NOT attaching negative emotions to my lifts--it is only feedback and I know what I need to work on now and I will be back at previous levels soon enough. I did 365lbs in training relatively easily.

Deadlift video below

The only work I did for these was just Z Health work since they tested poor and I did lots of visualization work I needed to get a new pullup bar for my garage gym, which I did but I was so slammed that I did not have time to even get it mounted. bugger.

Got 2, almost 3--could not get the last 2 inches, which pissed me off (I mean, more feedback). Goal was set at 4. These were done Elite style, so bodyweight plus 22 lbs. Pullups, so palms face away (not chin ups).

Pull up video below featuring myself and Adam T Glass

Snatch test
Warmed up and snatches felt awesome and tested even better than ever. I knew I was going to hit my numbers.

Elite style again with the 32 kg (70 lb) Kettlebell (KB). Nailed 75 reps with 10 seconds left, could not pick up the KB to even attempt one more in the last few seconds.

I plotted out my reps and rest periods and wrote them in ink on my left arm, so that I would not have to remember them and I could know where I was at during the test since I had not done a full 5 minute recently. Form stayed quite good too. Cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) was pushed and cooked for sure, although I recovered relatively quick from it once I was done.

Lately it seems like my HRR (HR recovery) is better which is good, just need more specific work for CRF.

TSC Elite Snatch video below featuring Mike T Nelson, Mark Wilson, Brad "No Relation" Nelson, and Adam T Glass

I am pretty happy considering at the start of March of this year (about 4 weeks prior) I was at
DL 345 lbs--barely made it
PUs--? never was able to test them
32 kg Snatches 39 reps (RPE 9) in 5 minutes.

Only a little bit of DOMS in my mid back and forearms, although tired--last week was friggin nuts. Friday I was up at 5:10 am and got back to my place for the first time at 10:30pm--not ideal, but that is life.

My deadlift is still off from my PR of 405 lbs, but I will be back up there in 6-8 weeks. I only really had 1 month to train for the TSC due to my crazy bruised hip. I am glad I still did it as I know I made more progress in that month than if I decided not to show up.

Onward and upward!

After the TSC, a bunch of us headed next door to a great cafe and it was time to eat! I ordered up a few eggs, hashbrowns, blackened walleye fillet, toast and a huge cookie dough pancake. It was awesome! Adam looked over at the two huge plates of food and said, "Yikes, where are you going to put all of that?" ha!

A few of us hung around for the killer seminar that Adam T Glass and B-Rad gave! It was AWESOME and more on that soon. For those that did not show, you missed out on perhaps the best value in training advice this whole year as the seminar was only 60 clams. Money very well spent!

TSC April 2009 Wrap Up
I want to send a HUGE shout out and congrats to ALL that SHOWED UP! Many talk the talk but few put it on the line and show up. Congrats to all that did!!! Very cool to see 4 people at Kinetic Edge Performance doing it Elite style too! Yeahhhhh buddy.....

I was a disappointed to see a low turnout with only 7 showing up, but I expect more in Sept.

Seriously, this is an event that everyone can participant in (there is a novice class now too) as it is a great blend of max strength, relative strength and strength/"Cardio"

If you want to get in "better shape" sign up now and start training. As Adam pointed out in his seminar, "better shape" is a very amorphous, slippery goal. What does that mean? Translate it into number for the TSC and go for it! Get some basic instruction and you will be AMAZED at what you can do! And the event is totally positive and FREE. Everyone was there to help each other.

If you are unsure about how to train for the TSC, see myself, Brad Nelson, Adam T Glass, Mark Wilson or any great trainer in your area today. Check out their websites below (note, I have them actually listed now)

Adam T Glass: The Road Less Traveled

Brad Rants

Mark Wilson RKC

Here is a deadlift montage from the TSC this year (sorry I missed your lift Kathy).

Any comments, bring 'em. I also want to hear who is going to nut up and sign up for the Sept TSC! The time is NOW

Rock on
Mike T Nelson