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Mobility vs Stability, Primitive Patterns, Z Health and More!

Question on Mobility, Stability, Primitive Patterns, Z Health and more!

Came across your blog and found it interesting as I have also taken some Z courses. I love it, but think that there doesn't have to be a distinction between the nervous system and biomechanical approaches.

I think both are necessary and we all need a balance between mobility and stability. Not sure if you're familiar with Gray Cook, but he wrote an interesting article on this topic a while back on T-nation.

I recently purchased his Primitive Movements DVD and he discusses movement patterns along with some stability work, including some Power Plate exercises. In one of his newsletters, Eric (Dr. Cobb of Z Health) stated his doubt about the use of anything electric, but I think he is wrong on this one.

I've been doing Z Health since 2003 and seen great results with it. At the same time, it hasn't restored proper function by itself and I believe most people will need some form of manual therapy and stability work for optimal results.

Vibration platforms are a great tool for addressing reflex stabilization. Just a tool, but effective none the less.

Look forward to reading your articles. Always looking to learn from someone new.

Brian Morgan

Thanks for the note Brian! One of the things I love about this blog is the ability to interact with some really smart people.

I don't really like the term "stability" I think a better term is "coordination" (stole that from Frankie Faires). Much of this I covered in this past post

Jammed Joints and Muscular Weakness--Stability and Mobility

Also see Aaron's Blog post here

Not a Stability Issue

I do believe you need mobility before stability, as I stated in my lumbar mobility post quite some time ago (I am sure I am not the first to say that). Kids has tons of mobility and then learn coordination (stability).

Lumbar Mobility in Italy

Lumbar movement and Z Health comment

Cool that you have been doing Z-Health for a long time. Have you worked with a Z Health trainer? If so, what level? Many times after a period of time, you will need your eyes/vestibular systems checked as they can be impeding any progress. Don't just take my word for it, see this comment from Dr. Jim below

Testimonial for Z Health and New Dragon Door Workshop: Z-Health

I am actually totally for hands on work, as long as it is NOT painful---see my ART / Z Health post below (I think I am going for a record number of links in a post)

Active Release Technique (ART), Z Health, Hands on Work (Massage, Guided Exercise)

For research, I think vibe platforms are cool (although they feel really weird), but if I was going to build a gym from scratch, at 10K a piece I would put them on the bottom of the list. I do think they can get lots of mechanoreceptor stim going and many times that will even get people out of pain.

I spent about an hour talking to the nice people at the power plate stand at ACSM last year. Very cool people and I expect to see more use of them for pain reduction coming soon. How long that effect will hold once you step off is debatable. I think some cool mobility work (when done with precision) can get you a similar effect and will last (hold) longer due to the enhanced motor learning--you are ACTIVELY moving your limbs so that brain on top of your head has to work harder than if you just lay their like a dead fish while someone pokes/prods at ya.

Thoughts/ comments from others? Post them in the comments!

Rock on and special thanks to Brian for letting me post this here
Mike T Nelson