Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mike T Nelson on Super Human Radio: Visual Aspect of Performance

Just a heads up that I was recently on Super Human Radio again discussing how your vision affects your performance

Learn some simple exercises to improve your athletic performance on the field and in the gym
  • Should you look in the mirror in the gym?
  • Neurologic reflexes to maximize strength
  • Should you lift without your glasses?
  • Can you really "see" results from all this stuff?

Vision is MUCH more than just the ability to see clearly! Learn more below

Super Human Radio Show - # 295 - The Visual Aspect Of Performance

Special thanks to Carl as he does a great show and makes doing an interview a fun experience.

Be sure to check the Super Human Radio home page

If you missed the first episode I did on proprioception "2 way muscle talk" check it out below.

Z Health, Proprioception, Neuroplasticity all on Super Human Radio

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Mike T Nelson