Saturday, March 28, 2009

Inspiration: New APA Raw Deadlift Record by Layne Norton

Just wanted to put up a quick inspirational video for everyone.

Below is Layne Norton setting a new APA Raw Deadlift record in the 220lb weight class. He deadlifted 3Xs his body weight! Although you would not believe it from the video below, Layne is actually a professional natural body builder, so powerlifting is not his main focus even! If you want to LOOK strong, it helps to BE strong.

Layne is also a PhD Candidate in Exercise Physiology working in protein synthesis research and runs his own training and business too. Everyone is busy and if you want to achieve anything you need to step up and get after it. Time is NOT an excuse.

Check out his website at

CONGRATS to Layne!

What is holding you back?
Rock on
Mike T Nelson