Monday, March 23, 2009

Leucine Supplementation: New research soon!

Donate to a Great Cause
Alright, I very rarely ever put things like this up on my blog, but my good buddy Phil Stevens is having a raffle for a great cause. See the info below from him. I already made my cash donation and you may even win some great prizes too.

In addition, I will be donating some phone consultations for a few lucky winners too.

Phil says,"
Check out the above link. I started a nationwide raffle for the event. Please take a look and spread the word to everyone you know. Every little bit helps no matter how small and there are some great prizes to be won. At the worst you will have given money to a great cause and great event.
Along with the event it self starting next week Ill be going to several functions and working directly with the 2000+ kids spreading the word of athletics in general as well as strength sports and nutrition.
For more info check out the event home page: and RVSP at the facebook group
Again every little bit helps no matter how small.
Thank you

Phil Stevens,

Dave Barr Announcement
I have on my "to do list" to clean up a couple of the blog links on the right, and if you went to Dave Barr's link you will notice that it does not go anywhere.

Well, Dave and had a long drawn out fight about leucine and if weighted facial stretching was a good idea and it really came to an ugly ending. Ha--I kid, I kid. Dave and I are fine and he actually got a job at Muscle and Fitness as a Senior Science Editor, so his other site was closed down for now. I truly wish him all the best and I am very happy for his new position as he is a very talented guy. Be on the look out for a new book form him related to "Nutrition for the Nervous System" (not sure of the exact title) and I will have a review up as soon as I can get my grubby paws on it. Congrats Dave!

Speaking of lecine....

Brand New Study on Leucine!

Just wanted to give you a heads up to look for the following study very soon as it has been accepted for publication, but it is not out yet. Van Loon's lab has been cranking out lots of interesting studies in regards to protein synthesis over the past several years.

S Verhoeven, K Vanschoonbeek, LB Verdijk, R Koopman, WKWH Wodzig, P Dendale, and LJC van Loon
Long-term leucine supplementation does not increase muscle mass or strength in healthy elderly men.
As the astute readers of this blog know, protein synthesis (building muscle) response in older folks is not the same as younger people; so the jury is still out a bit on that part.

In the meantime, check out the following by clicking on each one.

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