Sunday, March 1, 2009

Contest Ending Soon and How To Cook Salmon

Just a heads up that tomorrow (Monday) at midnight Central time, the contest below will end! Who will win the book from Dave Tate? A huge thanks to all those that have entered already--much appreciated!

Official De-Lurk Day

Big announcement coming on Monday some time during the day, so keep checking back!

For those that are interested, my training log is updated below. I will be doing the Tactical Strength Challenge on April 4, so only about 4 weeks away. My hip is about 90% now, so doing well.

Mike T Nelson Training

Here is today's question

Question: You talk a lot about how great fish oil is and I love fish, but I suck at cooking it. Any tips?

Answer: I had a few questions about this, so I thought I would take my camera along a few days ago when I was cooking up a few pounds of fish. Check it out

Rock on!
Mike T Nelson